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Quarter Horse people generally, and in particular Sprint Racing enthusiasts know only too well the problems of trying to get a complete pedigree of their horses.

The AJC Studbook refers to Quarter Horses as Non Thoroughbreds and the line stops there.  Likewise the AQHA registry refers to Thoroughbreds as foundation sire or dam, and most imported horses have the same ancestry – “Unavailable”.  (He must have been a prolific sire.)

On top of this we have the ludicrous situation where the AQHA registry attributes nearly 200 foals to a single dam, and a leading sire appears as seven separate identities, and the same horse is registered multiple times with different name and registration numbers!

Further problems with the industry have resulted from some sprint horses being registered to race with the AJC, but not being AQHA registered, others being registered with different names in the two registries and still others being registered with different racing bodies under different names. 

Birdhouse Stud originally set out to compile the ancestry of our own horses, but after seven years fulltime research and data entry now boasts a registry of 120,000 horses with accurate ancestry on horses which cannot be sourced from any other registry!

Click Here (PDF Format) to view the Pedigree of Bars N Bids from a Major Australian Registrar (for which they charged $25.00)

Now click Here (PDF Format) to view the same horse in our registry.

As an introductory offer, we make no charge for Pedigrees or Test Matings

 Simply email us at birdstud@aapt.net.au with your request or challenges and see what our efforts can offer you.  The more info you can give us the better, but don’t be put off if you don’t have much or if it is from doubtful origins.  Check us out!!


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